Loving yourself to a healthy weight

Using a combination of coaching techniques and lived experience we’ll work together to create healthy mindset habits and sustainable weight loss.
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Tried every diet you’ve ever laid eyes on but nothing seems to work?

My guess is that you have worked hard to lose weight. Perhaps you have tried every diet you have laid your eyes on. I bet it has consumed your life just like it has mine. Weight loss is not easy for any of us. We spend our lives focussing on our appearance and craving acceptance. There is very real pressure to be slim in our culture, rather than living a healthy life.

Losing weight is not easy

Losing weight has been the greatest challenge of my life. At times I wanted to give up. I had been obese from a very young age and thought it would never change. I battled cultural shame, exhaustion, sickness, infections, breathlessness, fatigue, and pain. Most of all, I hated myself.

Emotional health is key to losing weight

But weight is not everything there is to know about our health and wellbeing. There are many who are slim and unhealthy. It was not until I focussed on my emotional health that I learned to care for myself, make healthy lifestyle choices and achieve a healthy weight. And I lost a lot of weight – over half my body weight.

It's not just about the number on the scales

Health is not about being slim but choosing to live a healthy lifestyle. Despite a strong disposition to obesity and type 2 diabetes, I have changed my genetic expression by changing my life. I am living proof that health is possible no matter what your genetics or age.

Let me help you turn your life around

You are the answer to your health and wellbeing. You too can turn your life around to health, fitness, and a healthy weight. And you can love yourself while you are changing your life rather than waiting until you have lost weight. Because it’s all about accepting who you are!
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What my clients think…

  • “I was drawn to Jenny as a friend but also as a strong, kind and independent woman. As I got to know her, I realised that her life has not always been kind to her. In fact, the journey that Jenny has been on, has inspired many people, including myself. The knowledge that Jenny has from her lived experience is just awe inspiring and the fact that she has shared it through her book “Death by Chocolate Cake” and her Nutritional Counseling is a testament to her character. Anybody who meets Jenny, always ends up with a smile on their face....”
    - Jacqui
  • “From the depths of darkness, she walked towards the light, she chose love over cowering in the shadows. Jenny is a remarkable woman with an insight to life that few truly have. The challenges she has experienced brings empathy and understanding to her coaching. She does not offer quick fixes or fad diet plans. Jenny guides her clients with suggestions of sustainable change, resulting in long term success. Her mentoring shows the way towards a healthier and happier life that allows clients to discover the very best versions of themselves. She doesn’t pressure or force change, Jenny just opens the door for you to walk through. I would highly recommend anyone take the step and chat with Jenny; you will be glad you did.”
    - Kylie
  • “Last year I decided to attend a book launch. Something I’d never done before. I knew nothing about the book or its author. As the evening progressed, I sat speechless … (a rare occasion) … and listened to the lady’s inspiring story. I loved how honest and humble Jenny Marshall was as she spoke. The only disappointment was that the night ended when all I wanted to do was hear more. I purchased her book and read it twice. Since then, I’ve been very fortunate to spend time with Jenny on a one-to-one personal level. Sometimes I’m climbing the walls with anxiety, depression and plain old stress. After time with Jenny things are calmer and more peaceful. It’s nice to just have someone actually listen without criticism or judgment. She is truly a breath of fresh air. I feel I have a lot to learn from both her and her right-hand-man Dreamy. Thank you, Jenny. Keep spreading the love. Lord knows the world needs you xxxx”
    - Jo
  • “Jenny’s lived experience of morbid obesity and her journey towards an active and healthy life offers hope and encouragement to others to begin their own journey towards wellness too. Jenny knows the challenges of obesity intimately and also knows that change needs to be sustainable long term for benefits that last beyond the month or two of fad programs. Jenny offers eating; exercise and emotional strategies which can enable you to work towards a future of wellness in the body you have rather than a life of chronic health problems.

    Jenny is a clear communicator and lifelong learner. This enables her to provide coaching and support which incorporates up-to-date medical research and present this knowledge in ways which are easy to understand and incorporate into your daily living. Jenny also understands the importance of great tasting food in sustaining change in eating habits. She has personally adapted recipes to be both healthier and delicious.”
    - Jenny C
  • Jenny is the real deal.

    I am so grateful to have connected with Jenny and that she so generously took the up the offer to be our keynote speaker at the main dinner event as part of the Whyalla Wellness Weekend held in October 2022.

    Jenny spoke from her unique and heartfelt experience and was able to share the lessons from that experience with eloquence, compassion and encouraging directness.

    The audience immediately warmed to Jenny and were moved to tears at times as she shared the challenges she faced, overcame and continues to overcome.

    The table of men that I sat on were intently quiet as Jenny spoke and were in awe of the presence she held while at the lectern. There was an incredible sense of respect for the woman that Jenny chose to become despite many opportunities to throw in the towel and resign herself to a lesser life.

    Jenny received a heartfelt and deserved applause as she sat down after her keynote.

    It is necessary to mention that the audience could have listened to Jenny for as long as Jenny wanted to share as they were captivated at the uniqueness of Jenny's story and her strength to rally herself despite the tough hand life had initially dealt her.

    From the Whyalla Wellness community and from me personally; thank you Jenny for being the person that you are and sharing your story with us. Your story has immense transformational potential for all who are blessed enough to hear you speak.

    I wholeheartedly and positively endorse Jenny as a wonderfully and refreshingly down to earth and authentic keynote speaker.

    In health and wellness,

    - Peter Borda
    The Wellness Centre Whyalla