It is now 2020, the beginning of a new decade. The last 10 years have been incredible for me.

There have been many ups and downs. Mostly ups. I am grateful for the achievements in my life. Some of these include:

· gaining a Master of Business Administration.

· continued my journey to health both physically and psychologically.

· changed the genetic expression of my body so that to this point I am healthy and have limited the impact of my genetics.

· loss of a substantial amount of weight.

· three surgeries to remove excess skin which have changed my life.

· no longer labelled as obese and no longer treated as a side show freak.

· diagnosis of over 60 food intolerances which has necessitated a major change in eating habits.

· becoming a health and lifestyle coach with the Institute of Functional Medicine.

· offering coaching to help others change their life.

· written a book about my journey out of obesity.

· set up a web page and a Facebook page to share my journey and encourage others.

· written articles which have been published.

· done a podcast for ‘Love Wave’.

· made it to the summit of Mount Kosciusko and back. The highest point in Australia.

· walked around Uluru in Central Australia.

· walked Kings Canyon in Central Australia.

· walked in the wilderness in New Zealand after being dropped by off a light airplane and wading through a river to be picked up by a jet boat.

· adopted my big boy, Dreamy the greyhound who has changed my life and given me unconditional love.

Sadly, the last 10 years have also meant the loss of my brother and the illness of my sister who nearly lost her life.

My greatest achievement has been to learn to love in greater depth, understanding and passion.

I share all this to say that if I can change my life for the better despite my circumstances, anyone can.

Consider this: If you were to look back at the last decade of your life without judgment but with compassion how you answer the following?

· What are the five things I am most proud of?

· What are the five things I am most grateful for?

· What are the five things I can let go of?

· What are the five things I have learned and want to take with me in the next decade?

You see, we are so hard on ourselves. We think that being negative about our achievements will spur us to do more. But I have found this to be untrue. Instead it makes me disheartened and I lose motivation, feeling as if I am not good enough.

Take heart! You have achieved much more than you realise. In times of trauma it is enough to be alive. For some of us this is our greatest achievement. In fact, it was my greatest achievement the previous two decades.

As the new year begins, I hope that you find the courage within yourself to live your best life in the same love that has changed my life so deeply.


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