A day at the beach

Since resigning from my job, I have been winding down and re-focussing. Changing from accounting which has been my career for over 30 years is not any easy task. Accounting is logical and ordered. I guess that’s’ why I have enjoyed it, it gave me consistency in one area of my life.

Writing is less logical and requires expression, vulnerability, and honesty. I have never been good at living someone else’s life and this comes out in my writing. What I find is that winding down helps me reconnect with myself and the words flow.

Today I walked on the beach with Dreamy and my friend, Fee. When I’m with Fee it is easy to be me. Our friendship has lasted over 30 years. Her love and support have been key to the many changes I have made through my life. And, once again she is with me in this part of my journey. As we walked, we shared, and the words flowed. Such is the benefit of a strong friendship.

I do hope you too have friends you trust and with whom you can share. Friendships like this reduce stress in our lives.

In love, Jenny

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