A week away with my main man

Dreamy and I have just returned from a week away in the Adelaide Hills. The purpose for the stay was to visit my eldest sister for her birthday. Although we keep in contact, I’m not usually around when it is her birthday. She was thrilled and we had fun. I took a cake and lit one candle on top. Then sang happy birthday to her. Dreamy, of course, said nothing while I was singing. We then spent the rest of the afternoon chatting.

Visiting family has always been difficult for me, but this time it was much easier. It has been six months since I had last seen her and during this time I have worked through some family misconceptions. Having more clarity made it much easier to connect with my sister. We had some honest discussions about our relationship. It was a good time for us.

I connected with other friends, too. Some of these from my time as a student studying accounting at university, other friendships were more recent. We walked with Dreamy, and talked about what was going on in our lives over a meal or coffee. It is always interesting to hear about families and pets.

We strolled around the Laratinga Wetlands in Mount Barker on three occasions, walked in Hazelwood Park, Belair National Park and the dog park in Little Hampton. Dreamy always loves his walks, but the smells in these places were new to him. He was in his element. In the dog park he decided it was a good idea to immerse the lower part of his body in the dam. I cannot understand why when it was such a cold evening.

The nights were cold, so we huddled together on the bed as we slept. He laid on a rug while I snuggled under the quilt. Dreamy is a big dog, so when he moves, so does the bed. His legs are powerful and really pack a punch. More than once, the whole bed shook, and he kicked me in his sleep while dreaming of chasing rabbits.

But it is good to be home now. There is nothing like my own bed and to have Dreamy sleep in his own bed.

In love, Jenny

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