Are you stuck in an unhappy relationship?

I was once told that how we feel after relating with another person most likely reflects how they are feeling. If we are in a neutral place before relating, this is certainly the truth. When we connect with others, we will feel what they feel.  

But what happens when the feelings are like those we have experienced in other situations? My sticking point is when they are like those of my childhood. At these times it can be difficult to separate the two experiences and I quickly spiral downwards. Then I wonder what on earth is wrong with me and begin to mull over my past.

My past is filled with relationships and working environments like this. At first all seems good, like a hand fitting perfectly inside a glove. My lack of awareness of my own suffering blinds me to the trap and I am lulled into a false sense of security. Over time I become stuck in that place. Although unhappy, the similarity gives me a sense of belonging.

The unhappiness in the relationship arouses my awareness. Luckily my home life nowadays is happy, so there is a marked contrast between the feelings in and out of the relationship. Then starts the journey to freedom.

Letting go of relationships which strongly connect us to our past is difficult, but worth it for growth. Being real with ourselves is vital to finding freedom and letting go of what holds us back is vital to growth.

Have you ever found yourself left with negative feelings after being with someone? Do you mull over relationships asking yourself what you have done to feel this way? Have you been stuck in a relationship, wanting freedom but unable to terminate it?

We have all been there, but we do not have to remain in relationships which get us down. Unhealthy relationships impinge on our wellbeing. They can affect our health and lifestyle choices. It is important to listen to yourself and become aware of how you feel in different environments. For your own health, choose to work out why you are stuck in unhappy relationships.

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In love, Jenny

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