Basic Scones

Basic Scones


3 cups SR Flour
300 ml cream
300 ml soda water
Milk for browning


Sieve SR flour into a bowl. Make a well in the centre and pour in cream and soda water. Mix with a round-topped knife until ingredients are combined.

Sprinkle extra flour onto bench top. Place mixture in a ball on the flour. Roll to 3 cm thickness. Use medium cutter to make individual scones.

Place scones on tray covered with baking paper and brush with milk. Use the top oven shelf and cook for 20 mins at 180 degrees Celsius. 


***This recipe has been taken from the Coles brand gluten free SR flour packet. I use soda water instead of lemonade to make savoury scones.

Flour – Gluten-free SR flour can be used

Soda water – Lemonade can be used for a sweet version

Milk – Spraying the scones with cooking oil is a great alternative to brushing the scones with milk if dairy is an issue.

Other ingredients – one cup of shredded cheese is a great way of flavouring these scones. I used lactose free cheese. Flax seeds, chia seeds or sunflower seeds or a combination of these can also be added to the mixture. The addition of cheese and seeds reduces the glycaemic index of the scones.

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