Can we lose weight without going to the gym?

Today dreamy and I went to the beach where we met some friends. We had a great day walking on the soft sand, water rushing over our feet and, the sun and the fresh breeze against our skin. Dreamy ran in and out of the water to cool himself in the hot sun. Our time was uplifting and refreshing. I have arrived home feeling tired and happy.

Walking on soft sand at the beach is a great way to exercise different muscles. Without going very far I can move different parts of my body in different ways. My feet sink into soft the sand forcing me to work harder to walk. In deeper water my thighs are strengthened by pushing against the flow. At the end of the day, I am more tired than walking 3.6km around our Blue Lake where I exercise the same muscles every walk.

For me, the added benefit of the sea or the Blue Lake is being out in nature where I get my daily dose of vitamin D. My aim with any exercise is to make everyday life easier and to enjoy walking and gardening with less pain.

I have lost my weight by integrating exercise into every part of my life. This includes hiking, walking on the beach, gardening, and playing with my dog. Exercise is now a vital part of my wellbeing and I do not like miss my daily walks. I have never used the gym to lose weight, only to work on strengthening specific muscles to improve other aspects of my life, including walking. Currently, I attend a gym once a week to spotlight certain muscles such as my glutes to help me stand more upright.

In short, it is not necessary to go to a gym to lose weight. There are many ways to exercise. I prefer to exercise outside rather than inside. It’s up to you.

If you want to chat about exercise options, please message me.

This picture is of my friends and myself at the beach.

In love, Jenny

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