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Chat with Jenny

Jenny Marshall, Wellbeing Coach, coaching from the heart

Wellbeing is a state of happiness and health. In my journey to wellbeing, I sought to understand my own addiction to food and unhealthy life choices. This has given me compassion for myself and others who walk the same path. It has also freed me to make better life choices, offering myself care by choosing nutritious food and movement. I could not have done this without self-acceptance. This is what I want to share with you.

In my role as a wellbeing coach, I offer understanding and support for your journey to health through compassion and personal space. I listen with my heart as this is the best setting for healing and growth.

My philosophy is that everybody needs to be heard and when we are heard by another human, we gain confidence. As we listen to what is within us, we find healing. This is best offered in authenticity and without external pressure. This is what I offer you.

Each session is a chance to connect with yourself, bringing healing and restoration and a means to flourish. We can discover new ways to eat, cook, move, and live. I am not a therapist, but I can help you find your best self.

My sessions are not directive, nor do they offer therapy or teaching. I believe we know the answers to our own questions, but we do not know ourselves. I provide a space where you can discover your inner world in an atmosphere of compassion. This is the central part of your journey to wholeness.

I am excited about hearing your life experiences and sharing in your journey to health.

Jenny Marshall, MBA 

Functional Medicine Certified Health Coach 


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