Coaching from the Heart

Coaching from the Heart

Today I graduated as a Functional Medicine Health Coach.

This is a different path for me, one I would never have considered eighteen months ago. Having always worked in finance, it is scary!

My working career began as an accountant 30 years ago. I was young at the time and didn’t know what to do. Dad thought making money was prestigious and it fitted my love of numbers.

But over the years I have changed. My journey to self-discovery started when leaving home. My real feelings and thoughts became clear and I began to question my purpose in life. Finding my own authenticity was liberating and the experience of genuine love was all-consuming. I discovered a deep river flowing inside of me which was life changing.

This has given me a passion to help others find their way in life. When I started this trek, I never imagined that my own health would be in a place where I could support others on their journey to health. After all, I was an obese child who became a morbidly obese adolescent and then adult. What would I have to offer?

The journey out of morbid obesity has taught me much. Learning to accept myself despite my obesity was a challenge, but it has enabled me to love intensely. Along the way I have become more self-aware, gained greater understanding of others and learned how to live a healthy lifestyle.

Using this experience and the understanding gained through my study to be a Functional Medicine Health Coach I want to support you to create a better life for yourself. It seems pointless to me to have changed so much in my own life without using it to help others. I want to share my life with you and share the wisdom I have gained in the hope that you will experience your own miracle.

This change in direction has not been easy. But I believe that passion should never be stifled. This is my passion.

Not only have I gained a qualification as a Certified Health Coach with Functional Medicine, but my book now has a publisher. Hopefully it will be published within a few months.

It is my hope that you can join me in this new journey.

Love, Jenny

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