Death by Chocolate Cake Reviews

Thank you to everyone who has read my book. Your positive responses mean the world to me. Most of all, you believe me. When writing my story, I wondered if it would be received and believed, particularly by those who knew me as a child.

One of the symptoms of childhood abuse is a lack of belief in oneself. Most of us were told as children to hide our pain. In the end, we choose not to believe our own thoughts and feelings just so we could belong. This is what I did, I chose to deny what I felt and took on the opinions of those I lived with. Children are vulnerable, and this is often the way we survive in the environment in which we live.

When I left home, the feelings and memories surfaced. Initially, I tried to shove them back where they had come from, but I found I could not live my own life without facing the strong emotions bubbling around within me.

Many of you have shared your own pain with me. These stories have involved childhood sexual and emotional abuse. I have heard you and I value what you have shared.

Below are some reviews of my book.

A true love story

I was captivated from the very beginning of this poignant, vulnerable, and brilliant story of how Love saved the author’s life. As I read Jenny’s personal account of her journey through shame, pain and guilt, I discovered parallels in my own life and this book now became very personal to me. Death by Chocolate Cake had me laughing, crying, reflecting, hoping and most of all loving this piece of work that is now one of my favorite masterpieces. Bravo the Jenny for opening up her life to the world to inspire us to love. After all that Jenny has experienced and overcome, Chapter 29 brought all the feels! If you appreciate stories of triumph, this book is a no-brainer.

By Jo Atalig on June 10, 2021


A book of eye-opening realities. Admiration for Jenny!!!!

By Debbie Paterson on December 1, 2021

Well written

How little we know about what really happens in families and the impact on children

By Heather on October 19, 2023

I hope you have the chance to share your story with someone you trust. It is healing.

In love, Jenny

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