Do you have triggers which affect your life?

Lately I have been working through one of my triggers. What is a trigger?

A trigger occurs when a current experience immediately takes us to a painful instance in our past. We are not able to stay in the present moment. It affects our emotional well being by causing us distress.

I learned years ago that when faced with an angry man I am immediately taken back to my father’s anger when I was a child. Even though the situation may be vastly different, in an instant I will be overcome with the same feelings of anxiety and fear. These feelings have been very real to me and have inhibited my growth and limited what I did with my life in the early years.

Over time, and as I grew up, I realised that dad no longer had the same control over me, and the memories for the most part lost their power. I now choose not to place myself in the same position with angry men.

But not all triggers can be silenced effectively enough for us to live our lives as fully as we want. I understand this as there are still memories in my life which impact me.

In these moments, it is best to remove ourselves from the situation if we can, and find a place of peace. I find walking, gardening and being in nature the best way for me to re-focus and find my peace again.

Do you find yourself reacting to situations in your life? Do you at times fail to understand why you behave in odd ways to situations? If you would like to chat, please message me. I am not a psychologist but telling your story may help.

In love, Jenny.

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