Do you lack motivation to improve your life?

In three weeks I will be speaking at an event on wellness in Whyalla, a regional city in South Australia.  The event will be held over a weekend where I am one of a few evening speakers on wellness. On offer during the day will be wellness services and stalls.

It is exciting to be asked to speak at the event and I am looking forward to it, although with trepidation. After the success of my book launch, I realised that public speaking would be part of my journey forward. However, I am reluctant to advertise myself. As I have often said before, I feel anxious about speaking publicly.

On the night of the book launch, my nerves were on edge. I had a very supportive group of friends who were involved, and they made it easier for me. Despite the nervous tension, I found that when I stood to speak, the words flowed naturally.

You see, it is my passion to help others learn to live a healthier life. I have experienced a great deal of benefit in my own life. My understanding of health is not just about diet and exercise. My own journey started with increased self-awareness. This work took me to some scary places of self-realisation as I faced the reasons behind my own lifestyle choices. It was not only about what was done to me, but how I had chosen to respond to painful incidences in my life. The most significant being my eating disorder which was my way of coping with the emotional and psychological pain of my past.

Working through the blockages to self-acceptance gave me freedom to choose to care for myself. It took a certain level of self-love for me to find the motivation to face my eating habits for my own good. I have continued to work on self-acceptance as it is the only way I know to improve my life.

Self-acceptance is vital to health and lifestyle change. Without it we lack the courage and motivation to change. We are immobilised by our lack of belief in ourselves and the fear of failure. We fear that we do not deserve a good life, and therefore make unhealthy lifestyle choices.

Only when I had reached a certain point in this journey could I change my poor eating habits and make positive lifestyle choices. We are wired to seek relief for stress. Most often our choice is for the easiest and quickest remedy we can lay our hands on. This is what leads to poor lifestyle choices.

If you would like to change your lifestyle but lack motivation, please message me for a chat.

In love, Jenny

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