Follow your heart

I have decided to follow my heart.

Two weeks ago, I resigned from the not for profit where I have worked. During the nine years working there, I have acted as an accountant, amongst other things. The organisation offers free counselling for those in need. I have made every effort to do my job well so that those around me are left to do their job well. This is how I have seen my role in the organisation.

It is with sadness that I leave. There are many staff with whom I have a strong bond. They are naturally caring and their kindness to me will always be appreciated. It is with this same kindness that they care for their clients and I admire this.

But for some time, I have felt a stirring within me to move on and a deep desire to have the freedom to be myself. It is my hope that this move will allow me more freedom to share the love which changed my life.

My future work will be as a contractor for more than one business. This was a tough decision to make due to the financial risk, and it means the loss of the security of being employed. Also, it means the potential loss of some valuable friendships made over the years.

Over the past twelve months I have stood at a threshold, waiting for the moment to take the step. Do I stay in the place of financial security, or follow the love and joy in my heart? Do I listen to the voices of the past who want me to be a successful accountant, or the voice in my heart which wants me to be my best self? Do I do what my conscience tells me to do for other’s sake or what makes me come alive deep within? Do I help a few people to help others, or do I take the risk and offer myself directly to people so they can heal?

Having made the decision and resigned from my job, I find myself with a deep joy, freedom, and excitement about the future.

Are you standing on a threshold, not knowing which way to go? I hope you can follow what makes you alive.

In love, Jenny

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