Food Sensitivity

Dreamy and I have just returned from a week away in Nairne then Mylor, near Adelaide South Australia. We had a wonderful time catching up with friends. Long conversations were had over cups of tea and coffee while Dreamy enjoyed his puppachino (warm, frothed lactose free milk).

I managed to find some places who could alter their menus to suit my diet. My diet is tricky and common foods are off the menu. If I happen to eat too much of one of the 70 foods to which I am intolerant, it takes up to 6 days for my tummy to recover. I take many precautions like bringing my own rice or coconut milk for coffee, or if I don’t have these with me, I will ask for black tea with a bit of honey in it.

Meals out are particularly difficult. What oil will it be cooked in? What are the ingredients in the dish itself? The most common ingredients difficult to avoid are tomatoes, soy, sesame, olive oil, milk products and gluten. Most vegan dishes are out as they often contain tofu, olive oil, beans, and nuts. Some places have information sheets listing the common ingredients in a dish most people are intolerant to.

But every now and then, I am caught out. Flu-like symptoms set in, tiredness and my body aches. Today is one of those days. In times like this I realise how healthy I normally feel and how far I have come. Health is a wonderful gift and I do the best I can with my body as it has suffered much over the years and is remarkably healthy.

Are you sensitive to any foods? Some of the most common foods which people are sensitive to are milk products, soy, eggs, nuts, and shellfish. If you want help changing your diet to eliminate foods, or need other ideas, please contact me.

In love, Jenny

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