How do I love my body?

What does it mean to love our body?

It means admitting that we cannot change everything we don’t like about ourselves. There are some aspects we simply must accept about our appearance even though we do not like them. Loving our body does not mean denying what we think or feel about the way we look to feign acceptance of it.

The four aspects of my appearance which I find most difficult to accept are my rounded back, large frame, the way I walk and remaining fat hanging from my limbs.  Genetically I cannot change my frame, and everything else relates back to my morbid obesity since childhood. 

Despite my best efforts, there are some things which will never change about me. So, how do I work with my body given how I feel about it? There is a difference between liking my body and loving it. The truth is, I do not like my body. But I can love it. Because love is about understanding and caring.

Over the years I have gained a real understanding of the impact of my genetics and the way I have treated my body. What I have now is a mix of the body was given and how I have treated it. And this is where I need to start in my journey of loving myself.

After all, it is not about how you look. Your body is the vehicle in which you travel through life. It is not your responsibility make your body look acceptable to a culture which emphasizes a thin appearance when this does not benefit your health. But it is your responsibility to own your body and take good care of it in the best way you can.

Taking good care means working with its genetics and its history and giving it the best possible future. For me this means eating a variety of healthy foods, avoiding processed food, and eating low glycemic index foods.  It means exercising when I can without overdoing it, reducing stress, and learning to accept that I am more than my body.

Do you struggle to accept your body? Would you like to talk with someone about how to take care of it? Please message me if you do.

In love, Jenny

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