possible to be healthy

Is it possible to be healthy and obese?

This is a gentle reminder that we don’t have to be slim to be fit and healthy.

It’s not about BMI, but about lifestyle. We can be overweight but metabolically healthy and it is possible that those of normal weight can be metabolically unhealthy. Recent research indicates that our immune system could serve as the switch to driving metabolically healthy obesity to metabolically unhealthy obesity. Dr. Jeffrey Bland (Big Bold Health)

What does this mean for us? We need to have a healthy immune system, and this is best done by living a healthy lifestyle.

How do we live a healthy lifestyle?

· Eat fresh, whole foods which are unprocessed and low glycaemic index and healthy fats from oily fish such as salmon. We should also drink water regularly and limit the amount of sugar in our diet.

· Exercise regularly. Even gentler exercise such as short walks and light gardening benefit our health.

· Reduce stress. Take regular breaks, spend time reading, enjoying nature, or completing a project which is important to you.

· Avoid toxins as much as possible. Smoking, excess drinking, some cleaning products and additives to food are a few things to avoid.

Having changed to a healthy lifestyle from a one which was characterised by a high glycaemic index, high fat, high sugar diet with little exercise, depression, and obesity, I have discovered a few ways to change my unhealthy patterns.

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In love, Jenny

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