Achievement, is it all it is meant to be?

Sometimes the thrill of the chase can be better than the prey itself. In the same way, the thought of achieving a goal can be more enjoyable than having achieved what we have sought after for so long. We work hard to get a qualification, improve our position in life, or get fit. But when […]

What is your love language?

According to author, Gary Chapman, there are 5 different love languages. He states that these are quality time, physical touch, acts of service, receiving gifts and words of affirmation. For me, quality time is a priority when it comes to my close friends. Mostly, I like to share deeply with one at a time. Being […]

Self-acceptance can seem elusive

Self-acceptance has always seemed elusive to me. Given my family history, there are still times when I question my perceptions. Despite my best efforts I battle with my thoughts when triggered.  In hindsight, most of my interactions with my parents left me feeling undermined. I was brought up to question my opinions, worth and existence. […]


Last week I visited my father for the first time in a while. If you have read my book, Death by Chocolate Cake, you will know that our relationship is not healthy. From as early as I can remember I have been afraid of his moods. Most of my adolescent memories are filled with his […]

The fragility of life

This week I was confronted by the fragility of life. A close friend lost a family member. Having lost my mother and brother who were both around my age at the time, this brought home to me how fragile we all are, including myself. Despite my family struggles, I love them a great deal and […]

Guilt, the sticky fly trap       

When I was young flypaper was commonly used as a fly trap. It involved a sticky strip of paper which hung from the ceiling, usually the light in the centre of the room. Flies were attracted to the paper and would get stuck. Over time the strip would be covered with bugs who had been […]

Obesity, is it the real issue?

I am involved with some organizations which advocate and offer services for those of us with weight issues. There is still discrimination against obesity. Sadly, people are bullied and demeaned by the public and even the medical profession. Those with weight issues are often unfairly blamed for work situations and publicly shamed for their appearance. […]

We will never have this moment again

Having been on holiday, this week I felt the need to pressure myself to be more productive now I was back home. But there is something about going away. I tend to live in the moment when I am away from the distractions and demands of my life.    We live in a culture which […]

Old Habits Die Hard

So, I have my car back; I missed the old girl! I pulled in front of the panel shop where she was fixed, and there she stood in the carpark all shiny and clean. I opened the driver’s side door and sat in the seat. It felt good, cosy, and I was immediately at home. […]

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