What are toxic relationships?

I grew up with toxic relationships. The demeaning, competitive, manipulative and dishonest way of relating eventually destroyed the connection between the members of our family. Until her stroke, mum had kept the family together in a fragmented sort of way. But after her stroke when she lost the ability to grasp what was going on […]

Body image, why is it important?

Body image is a combination of the thoughts and feelings we have about our body. Our body image is influenced by factors such as our personality or our social environment. There are four aspects of body image – the way we see our body, the way we feel about it, the way we think about […]

With whom are you competing?

As the child in my family who was much younger than my siblings, I have lived with the feeling that I am less than others. Always too young, too immature, and too late, I was left out of family decisions. Sadly, it has taken me many years to work out that while it may have […]

Dementia, the loss of a personality             

When I was 22, I lost mother I had always known. She was nearly 58 years old at the time and suffered a stroke which was the result of complications related to diabetes. Overnight her personality changed, her memory was lost and her ability to be a mother gone. Although she recognised me, our relationship […]

The interwoven nature of love and pain

Over my life I have endured much personal pain. Many times, I have felt sorry for myself. Despite this, I have learned that pain gives me the chance to experience great love. What do I mean by this? True love is an interesting thing. What I know about it is that the deeper we love, […]

Does transformation bring acceptance?

Once again, I have been pondering on what it means to conform. According to the Oxford Languages dictionary, to conform is to “behave according to socially acceptable conventions or standards.”  Every social setting has a different set of standards. Because of my obesity, I found it difficult to conform to most sets of standards. At […]

Happy Easter!

I rarely speak about my faith, but this Easter I have chosen to share my heart. The way I see it, whatever you believe, you are loved, because your beliefs do not change this fact. This is what I base my life upon. The Christian message is that Jesus was crucified and died, giving up […]

Money, the world's lubricant

What is money, and why do we need it? The way I see it, money is the lubricant which enables our commercial world. We need it to pay for services, and businesses need it to keep afloat and to pay their staff, who in turn need it to live their lives and pay for essential […]

Our roles do not define us

Close connection was not something I experienced as a child. Looking back, I can see that we never got to know each other, or at least I felt no one knew me. We related through our roles. My role was the youngest child, the one with the least understanding and maturity, the last to be […]

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