The significance of trauma

My posts often describe my trauma and how I deal with it. This is because my eating disorder was rooted in trauma. There seemed to be no other way at the time but to eat to cope. Trauma is a deeply distressing or painful experience. Our society teaches us to push our pain down to […]

Great Expectations

In his book, “Great Expectations”, Charles Dickens tells the story of Miss Havisham, a wealthy spinster who was jilted at her wedding. She insisted that she wear her wedding dress for the rest of her life. I wonder how many of us identify with Miss Havisham. We hold on to a promise waiting for it […]

What are your New Year's Resolutions?

Do you do new year’s resolutions? I usually don’t. I never keep the promises I make to myself as they are not maintainable. New year’s resolutions are usually short-term promises to fix long-term problems. If it took over 10 years to develop the problem, it will take some time to change the behaviour. These resolutions […]

Happiness is an inside job

Over the past few days I have been thinking about the concept of giving and letting go. We tend to believe that accumulating “things” will bring us happiness. We obtain more and more “things” in the hope of finding that happiness. We think that getting these “things” will satisfy our undiscerned need. But, looking at […]

The loneliness of Christmas

Tonight, is Christmas Eve and I have been thinking about others who live alone like myself, those who have no family. This time of year can be extremely lonely for us. As Christmas comes once a year, we do not face these intense feelings every day and we are unprepared to deal with them now. […]

The voices of Christmases past

Christmas is nearly here, and excitement is everywhere. People are rushing about for last minute presents. Families are preparing to gather. But for some of us the festive season is not a happy time and stress overrides any positive feelings. Memories of past Christmases cross my mind and my body tenses.  Without realizing it, I […]

Is dieting the best way to lose weight?

Dieting has never worked for me. I cannot deny myself rich, fatty, sweet foods by forcing myself to abstain from them for a specified period. Ironically, the very act of dieting causes me to focus on food more than ever. The cravings increase and my eating disorder takes over. The thought of self-denial through food […]

Addiction - what is the cause?

Addiction is a symptom of trauma. In my case addiction was my way of coping with unexpressed emotion from trauma. These feelings ran deep and were never expressed. Why was this so? Because I did not others would understand. Nor did I feel they would give me the space to be heard. It was not […]

Can we lose weight without going to the gym?

Today dreamy and I went to the beach where we met some friends. We had a great day walking on the soft sand, water rushing over our feet and, the sun and the fresh breeze against our skin. Dreamy ran in and out of the water to cool himself in the hot sun. Our time […]

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