Love in the midst of pain

For a long time, I wanted my life to be perfect, thinking this would make me happy. Everything had to be in its place, my home and life tidy and clean and everything brand new. Life was frustrating, after all, nothing is perfect. My frustrated desire for tidiness and order could not be satisfied. Even […]

Do you have triggers which affect your life?

Lately I have been working through one of my triggers. What is a trigger? A trigger occurs when a current experience immediately takes us to a painful instance in our past. We are not able to stay in the present moment. It affects our emotional well being by causing us distress. I learned years ago […]

How do I love my body?

What does it mean to love our body? It means admitting that we cannot change everything we don’t like about ourselves. There are some aspects we simply must accept about our appearance even though we do not like them. Loving our body does not mean denying what we think or feel about the way we […]

Fresh photos and a new perspective

Despite how frequently I post pictures of myself and Dreamy, I still feel shame about how I look. The recent professional picture shoot reminded me how much I hate having my photo taken. I am my harshest critic. I guess this sounds familiar to most, if not all, of you. Over the years have lost […]

The importance of unravelling our past trauma

Somewhere amongst my family memories there is an old photo of my grandfather with his three siblings: the eldest, his sister and his two older brothers. His appearance is noticeably different from the others, his skin darker. According to the story passed to me his complexion reflected afghani heritage. He was his mother’s fourth illegitimate […]

Is it possible to be healthy and obese?

This is a gentle reminder that we don’t have to be slim to be fit and healthy. It’s not about BMI, but about lifestyle. We can be overweight but metabolically healthy and it is possible that those of normal weight can be metabolically unhealthy. Recent research indicates that our immune system could serve as the […]

Valentine vs Love

Tomorrow is Valentine’s Day, a day where we give a gift or greeting to our beloved. But, for many of us this is just another day where we...

Averaging the Glycaemic Index of the food we eat

In my last post I wrote about averaging the impact of glucose to limit its impact on our body. Excess/unused glucose in our body is...

Eating for a healthy liver

As someone with a strong predisposition to type 2 diabetes, I am careful to eat low glycaemic index foods and exercise regularly. The...

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