Was I unstable, or was it the church?

The most damaging abuse I experienced in the church was to be treated as if I was mentally unstable. In fact, one elder went so far as to tell other members of the church that I was the most unstable person to ever enter the building. Thus started my self-analysis during the years of my […]

Love as the filter for religion

In my last post I wrote about my experiences in the church. Most of these experiences occurred in my 20s. However, I remained in fundamentalist churches until my 40s. Why was this the case? I believed there was something wrong with me. Here is why. It is a sad indictment on humanity that when a […]

My journey through the church

For 20 years I regularly attended local fundamental churches. In 1984 when I first professed to be a Christian, my father said he had failed. He had his own issues with the church. Although I could not admit it at the time, in hindsight I can see he was partially correct. I was searching for […]

What does femininity mean to you?

Femininity is something I have struggled with most of my life. I have never been petite or thin, nor have I spoken with a soft, gentle voice. Even as a child I was larger in height and in breadth. I never felt like a girl and as an adult I struggled to see myself as […]

Femininity in a masculine world

Born in regional South Australia to a farming family, I was the third girl of four children. My parents were hoping for another boy after two girls and a miscarriage, but to their disappointment that was not to be. This attitude about girls was not unique to my family. At that time, most farming families […]

What was the motivation behind my weight loss?

I'm not comfortable seeing myself in any form, particularly videos! But I really wanted to share the motivation behind my weight loss of over 100kg. We are frequently told that if we diet and exercise, we will lose weight. But where does the motivation come from? Motivation is the key to improving our life. Please […]

Are you stuck in an unhappy relationship?

I was once told that how we feel after relating with another person most likely reflects how they are feeling. If we are in a neutral place before relating, this is certainly the truth. When we connect with others, we will feel what they feel.   But what happens when the feelings are like those […]

Do you lack motivation to improve your life?

In three weeks I will be speaking at an event on wellness in Whyalla, a regional city in South Australia.  The event will be held over a weekend where I am one of a few evening speakers on wellness. On offer during the day will be wellness services and stalls. It is exciting to be […]

Do you march to the beat of a different drum?

More than once I have been told that I march to the beat of a different drum. What does this mean? The different drum is my own. I prefer to follow my heart and march to its beat rather than respond to pressure outside myself. What is this pressure I am speaking of? The pressure […]

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