Love: The Antidote to Shame

Childhood sexual abuse is not something I usually speak about. Over the last couple of weeks, I have been re-visiting my experiences as some issues have come up for me. This time I am looking at the abuse with the wisdom of years behind me. For me, the fear and shame surrounding the abuse kept […]

Have you ever wondered if you are in the right place in life?

My need to prove myself has led me into places which were not suited to me. In my efforts to prove to myself that I was not what I had been told as a child, I chose work and people who needed me. I gave everything I had to these people, seeking their approval. I […]

One change can make a huge impact

My doctor called me into his office with his usual warmth. I followed him and sat in a chair. He smiled at me in a glowing manner and asked if I knew my blood test results taken three months ago. I could have asked about the results at the time, but I figured that since […]

What does it mean to be real?

The media emphasises anything but authenticity. We are told that satisfaction is found outside ourselves, and we have forgotten how to find joy in simply being ourselves. In a world where we are told to be slim, beautiful, and successful, what does it mean to be real? My journey has been one of self-discovery. My […]

So, what's the problem with being a victim?

For a long time, I lived with a victim mentality. I believed I was alone because the world was against me. Everyone else was to blame for my pain. The world had hurt me, and no one understood. I manipulated pity from those closest to me by implying that I had been hurt. To me, […]

Making peace with PTSD

Post-traumatic stress disorder, or PTSD is a psychological condition which has been caused by a frightening event. Although my trauma occurred mostly when I was very young, I still suffer with the memories which are triggered by everyday events in my life now. PTSD is not easy to overcome. Much of my adult life has […]

What is bullying?

The Australian Human Rights Commission website states: “Bullying is when people repeatedly and intentionally use words or actions against someone or a group of people to cause distress and risk to their wellbeing. These actions are usually done by people who have more influence or power over someone else, or who want to make someone […]

The world will not change with you

An old workmate contacted me to say she was arranging a get together of colleagues. Was I interested? The memories were not all fond, but I thought it would be nice to catch up to see what had transpired in each of our lives over the 30 years. We met at a local restaurant for […]

You are adequate

Last weekend I took part in a retreat where I spoke. It was a great weekend reconnecting with others from my hometown. Old feelings reared their head which got me going over the past. Inadequacy was one of my strongest feelings in the early years, mostly because I was so much bigger than anyone I […]

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