Loneliness vs Being Alone

When I left home, I lived without the support of a close loving family. This time was unbearable for me. Now I have lived alone for over...

Dear Younger Me

This week I heard a song by Mercy Me called “Dear Younger Me”. The song got me thinking and I asked myself the question, “What would I say to a younger me, given what I know now?” Lots of thoughts ran through my mind, most of them accusing and fuelled by guilt: “You should have […]

The body wants to heal itself

My greyhound Dreamy has just had a tooth removed. Dreamy’ s body had tried to heal itself by fusing the rotting tooth to his jaw, making the procedure more difficult. His teeth have been a problem since I first adopted him. He loves his vet, except when she touches his teeth. I guess that’s because […]

What Does Australia Really Think About Obesity?

This week I watched ‘What Does Australia Really Think About?’ on SBS here in Australia. The final episode was about what Australians think of Obesity. The series shows the personal perspective of those who struggle with obesity and it conducts social experiments, a national survey and hidden filming to reveal how we view it. It […]

The Problem with Shame

Our culture uses shame as a source of motivation. The question is, does it work? What is shame? Shame is what we feel about ourselves. When we feel shame, it is because we believe we are defective or inferior. Shame is often confused with guilt which is what we feel when we have done something […]

Just 'get over it'!

We have all been told at some stage of our life to just ‘get over it’. There are still times when it is said to me. What does it mean to ‘get over it’? Does it mean to forget the past? That is impossible. Perhaps it means to not let it affect our life. But […]

Substituting for Sensitivity

After suffering with lower abdomen pain, flu like symptoms and joint pain for years I took a blood test for food sensitivity. To my horror, the results came back with 68 foods. What was I going to do? Some of the food which had been the main stay of my diet were now out of […]

Enjoyment is the key to maintaining change

Whenever we can, Dreamy and I walk the Blue Lake. The lake is mostly surrounded by countryside and the length of the walk is perfect for us. Dreamy is always excited as we near the lake in my car. I open the window so he can stick his head out. When we arrive, he leaps […]

Do you have a High Maintenance Body?

Shout out to those of us who have high maintenance bodies! Recently I received the results of my latest blood test. I was reminded that despite my restricted diet and healthy lifestyle, genetic predisposition still lurks in the background. It is difficult balancing a limited diet and keeping my blood levels in a good spot. […]

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