A week away with my main man

Dreamy and I have just returned from a week away in the Adelaide Hills. The purpose for the stay was to visit my eldest sister for her birthday. Although we keep in contact, I’m not usually around when it is her birthday. She was thrilled and we had fun. I took a cake and lit […]

Death by Chocolate Cake Reviews

Thank you to everyone who has read my book. Your positive responses mean the world to me. Most of all, you believe me. When writing my story, I wondered if it would be received and believed, particularly by those who knew me as a child. One of the symptoms of childhood abuse is a lack […]

The joy of a close friendship

Today dreamy and I travelled to Warrnambool with a friend and her dog, Hani. Warrnambool is just over two hours from where I live. The day was relaxing and fun for all of us. Dreamy and Hani ran along the beach in and out of the water and walked together as they investigated new smells. […]

Death by Chocolate Cake

In 2017 I began writing a book which chronicled my arduous journey out of morbid obesity. Although writing the book was both a cathartic and painful experience for me, by the time I put the words to paper I had worked through the worst of it and lost most of my weight. Since this time, […]

Happy Mother's Day!

To all mothers, I hope your day has been filled with love. For those of us who are not mothers, I hope you have enjoyed the day in the best way possible. As I do not have children, it has usually been a day where I remember my mum. Although it has been nearly 40 […]

Fat is not what it seems

The fear of bullying for my obesity was one of the main reasons I chose to lose weight. As soon as I walked out my front door, I knew I was being judged. Often targeted and used as a subject of entertainment yet told that this was only my imagination. It wasn’t until my first […]

The man of my dreams        

As Dreamy turns ten in three months, I have been thinking how much he has changed my life for the better. Before I adopted him, and he adopted me, my home was tidy, and I was lonely (although I didn’t want to acknowledge it). Then on March the 31st, 2018 my life began to change. […]

Friends are good for the soul!

Dreamy and I have just returned from our annual Christmas meet up with family and friends. Each time we head to Adelaide in South Australia I try to catch up with as many people as possible. Everyone enjoys Dreamy, and at the very least, is a little bemused by our bond. While on our trip […]

A Different New Year's Resolution

I’m not one to make new year’s resolutions because I cannot keep them. Slow, incremental changes work best for me. Promising to make major changes at a point of time is doomed to fail. All the significant changes in my life have been made up of relatively minor ones over a longer period. External changes […]

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