Whyalla Wellness Weekend speaking review

Last month I was the keynote speaker at the main dinner for the Whyalla Wellness Weekend. I am grateful for the invitation to speak. Below is his review of my speech. Thank you again Peter! Jenny is the real deal.  I am so grateful to have connected with Jenny and that she so generously took […]

Have you been "fat-shamed" by a medical professional?

Recently, the ABC aired a segment about discrimination by health professionals for body size. It was reported that many of us with weight issues avoid visiting a doctor for fear of being judged. Fat shaming is a real thing. Over my life I have been bullied many times because of my size. There was no […]

What an incredible two weeks away!

Dreamy and I travelled over 2,000 km from our home near the southern most part of South Australia to Whyalla, north of Adelaide and Port Lincoln three hours south of Whyalla. The first two nights were spent in the Adelaide Hills with a close friend. Then we were off to catch a ferry for a […]

Whyalla Wellness Weekend

Last weekend I spoke at a function held in Whyalla, South Australia, focussing on wellness. I connected with warm, friendly, openhearted, and caring people of similar mind to myself. The kindness I experienced truly warmed my heart. My story was well received and eye-opening for some in the audience. I guess it is rare to […]

Welcome to my upgraded website!

I am excited to announce that my website has been updated! Over the past few weeks, we have been in the process of upgrading my website, www.jennysthoughts.com. Hence the break from my blogs during this time. The site is set up differently and we have uploaded new professional photographs. Although the site is now live, […]

What does a Health Coach do?

“A health coach guides people to take control of their health through self-discovery, goal-setting, self-monitoring and accountability....

What's happening in our world

Over the last month Dreamy and I have been settling into a new lifestyle. Working from home certainly has its perks and Dreamy has loved...

Happy New Year!

Have you made any New Year’s resolutions? I’m not one to make New Year’s resolutions, as historically I don’t stick with them. Instead, I...

A day at the beach

Since resigning from my job, I have been winding down and re-focussing. Changing from accounting which has been my career for over 30...

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