Listen to yourself

Once again, I am in the midst of a life change. I am both excited and a little bit scared. All change brings with it fear and excitement. In this moment, I am excited about the future and enjoying the present at the same time. What a good place to be!

It has been an incredible journey of ups and downs as I navigated my way out of the life which was part of my obesity. But the last 10 years have passed more quickly because of the number and significance of the changes I have made. These include weight loss, abdominoplasty and liposuction, dramatic changes to my diet, study, and graduation, adopting my first dog and falling in love, writing a book, publishing a book, and speaking.

Just three years ago speaking in front of people as I did on the night of the launch of my book was beyond my imagination. I have always feared speaking in public, mostly because I was ashamed of my weight and because what I had to say. But ironically, speaking what was inside of me, not what I thought should be said, resonated most with others.

The most important thing I have learned through all this is to listen to my heart, for in this place is the stable voice of wisdom. Stilling my mind quieted the voices within me and there I found the voice of love. In this place there is no judgment or criticism, fear or hate, egoism or shame. Learning to listen to this voice has been the greatest gift of my life.

You see, just like you, I struggle with fear, self-criticism, and anxiety. I am no different to anyone else. It wasn’t courage which got me through the storms, it was listening to my own inner voice. Following this voice has prompted many positive changes to my life. It has given me courage to make decisions and energy to make the changes needed. In fact, I attribute my happiness to it.

Listening to our heart is not easy given all the other voices in our lives – family, work, friends, media, memories, the list goes on. It is scary going against others’ expectations. But listening to ourselves it is vital to our wellbeing and happiness.

What about you? Do you know how to still your mind? Do you know what your real desires are, and what your heart is saying? If you want to chat about this, please contact me.

This picture is from the night of the launch of my book. Beside me is my friend, Sarah who was the MC.

In love, Jenny

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