My Story

My Story

I grew up with a food addiction and became an obese child and morbidly obese adult. At 35 I weighed around 250 kg. Walking was difficult, I was breathless, exhausted easily and suffered from skin infections under the rolls of fat. Mum had a stroke just before she turned 58 due to complications with diabetes. My health was heading in the same direction and I was terrified I would end up the same way. Negativity, bullying, depression and feelings of worthlessness dominated my life. I was lying to myself about my health and where it was heading, and about how much food I was consuming.

But I was inspired by a friend who lived a healthy life and enjoyed walking in nature. She was worried about me and said she would miss me if I died. The thought of her pain sent me on a journey out of my misery to save my life. She taught me the joy of nature, walking and feeling healthy. I had never experienced this before. With her guidance and support I changed my life.

My journey to health was a slow process which involved step by step changes to my life. I exercised and changed my diet and worked on my mental health and had surgeries to remove the excess fat and skin. The experience was frustrating and the physical changes painful. I fell off the wagon constantly. I learned that lasting change is a painful process consisting of many steps and determination to achieve my goal.

Today my life is the best it has ever been. I am over 100 kg lighter, no longer a sideshow freak and enjoy regular walks in nature. I have studied to become a health coach, written a book which is with a publisher and have a webpage and Facebook page which focus on my journey and health coaching. I want to encourage and support others to become their best self ethically, psychologically and physically.

If you want support to be your best self, please message me.

In love, Jenny