One change can make a huge impact

My doctor called me into his office with his usual warmth. I followed him and sat in a chair. He smiled at me in a glowing manner and asked if I knew my blood test results taken three months ago. I could have asked about the results at the time, but I figured that since he had not called me, they must be ok.

His smile increased as he said, “your blood sugar levels are within the normal range”.

“Huh?”, I looked at him in a quizzical way.

Despite my weight loss and dramatic change in diet and lifestyle, I am still strongly predisposed to diabetes. My blood sugar levels, and cholesterol had climbed to just below the threshold at which I would need medication. I had been concerned, desperately changing what I could over the last two years. Mum had developed type 2 diabetes when I was in her womb and was not able to shake it. This meant that my genetics had prepared me to go the same way.

Although I have fought to change my health to lose weight from over 250kg to around 100kg, my weight now, it was not enough to keep me from pre-diabetic blood levels. So, this week when I walked into my doctor’s office to be given this information, I was elated to say the least. In fact, it has taken a bit to sink in.

What have I changed to bring about this improvement to my health? As with all health changes, it is usually a combination of factors. In the last year I have lost more weight and been even more careful with what I eat. But the greatest change has been to remove myself from what, for me, was a stressful environment. 

Given my strong genetics, sitting for 8 hours a day, focussed on numbers was slowly killing me. Not only were my blood levels increasing, but walking was also affected. Constantly sitting had reduced the strength of the muscles on my backside and the back of my legs, and walking had become awkward.

This one change has made a huge positive impact to my health. But this is not the only change made to my life. Despite the pain when I started this journey over 20 years ago, I felt joy after walking. When I changed my diet to eliminate foods which made me feel unwell, there was a huge change to my well-being: I lost fluid, my legs stopped aching, my tummy pains ceased, and the flu-like symptoms stopped.

My advice to anyone wanting to change their life is to take one step at a time. Small steps over time can make a huge impact to our life. Make small maintainable changes. Take note of how you feel day by day. Make sure you find enjoyment in the moment, or you will not be able to maintain the changes you have made.

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In love, Jenny

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