The beauty of suffering

There will always be someone experiencing suffering in our world. The best we can do is offer temporary support in time of need, but mostly it is impossible to deliver others from their own pain. We can offer resources and put steps in place to help people, but we cannot make the steps for them.

I once imagined that I would have the strength and maturity to help others out of their own personal hell. Now I know that everything in our journey is part of our growth. The pain we feel is part of our life, and it can be the catalyst to know ourselves and to discover that we are loved.

If you have read my book, you will know that I have experienced my share of suffering. But that suffering steered me toward the light of love. If it weren’t for these experiences my life would not be as good as it is today. Not that it is perfect; I experience physical pain every day because of childhood obesity and stress. And working through my own suffering has made me sensitive to the suffering of others. Often, I feel deep anguish for others and if not careful, I can be overwhelmed by it.

But the fact that I struggle does not need to make me miserable. The way I see it, suffering comes from my understanding of life; my decision to seek beauty and hope in the middle of suffering has changed my perspective and created a deep joy within which engulfs any pain I feel.

This week I was reminded that despite working through my own pain, I cannot expect others to do so. Personal growth can put distance between us and those with whom we were once close. Your own personal journey is a lonely place. Very few will ever go the distance with you and even fewer will understand.

We must come to terms with the fact that everyone is walking their own unique journey. We cannot rescue everyone from their pain, in fact often we should not. To eliminate pain is to deny ourselves and others the privilege of growth.

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In love, Jenny

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