The body wants to heal itself

The body wants to heal itself

My greyhound Dreamy has just had a tooth removed. Dreamy’ s body had tried to heal itself by fusing the rotting tooth to his jaw, making the procedure more difficult. His teeth have been a problem since I first adopted him. He loves his vet, except when she touches his teeth. I guess that’s because they have been a source of pain. At his last appointment I discovered that three other teeth had been removed before the adoption.

About a week after the extraction, he wasn’t himself and his breath smelled worse than ever. I took him back the vet. He had developed an infection, and was prescribed antibiotics, and a rinse for his mouth. When we returned a week later, his gum had grown over the hole and healing was well on the way.

During the consult, his vet said, “Isn’t it wonderful how the body just wants to heal?”. Given a little support, his body had healed. He is now back to his loving, cuddly self.

What a positive way to see the situation! Her comment got me thinking. Our body wants to heal, too. We are all the same, all living things. In fact, it is compelled to heal. I guess it is the survival instinct.

I thought back to where I had started on my journey to health. I was sick with ulcers and infections under my rolls, stomach aches, depression, soreness in my joints, headaches, and foggy thinking.

When I gave my body the medicine it needed, the healing began, and it was natural. What was the medicine? Regular exercise, reducing stress and a change in diet administered with love. Because I loved myself, I chose to give my body a better chance.

Just the change in diet made a huge difference. Within a short period of time, I noticed the frequency of infections and ulcers had reduced. I felt better in myself and exercise was easier. It was a virtuous cycle; when I treated myself with care, I felt better about myself, I ate better, and exercise was easier. This cycle has continued in my life and has been a continuing upward spiral in health and happiness.

Your body wants to heal itself. I encourage you to help it by putting it in the best position to do so.

In love, Jenny

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