The Singleness of Social Isolation

This is my first week working from home. I must admit it feels odd, but it has taken pressure off the weekend when I do my regular post.

As we face the new year with the latest variation of COVID 19, I do hope you are keeping safe. It’s been a tough couple of years, along with the usual stresses and struggles we all experience.

For those of us living alone, the added isolation of reducing close contact with others increases our loneliness. Personally, I have found this the most difficult part of the pandemic.

I crave physical contact. I figure this is because there was a lack of it when I was a child and I thought I wasn’t loved. This may sound odd given that I have lived without a human for over 30 years. Such is the dilemma of emotional abuse, it’s hard to live with others, and it makes being without close contact painful.

Because of this, I am grateful that I have Dreamy my greyhound. He loves cuddles and he suffers through my relentless need to cuddle him. Sharing space with someone who loves to be with me and cuddles me, has given me another dimension of love.

If for some reason you cannot have a pet, there are other ways to reduce loneliness.

Walking. I walk every day. It is good for my health and positively changes the way I see myself and others. Because it is an outside activity, I can walk with a friend, interact with others and remain socially distanced and it enables contact with nature.

Chatting via phone, Skype, Zoom, or other medium. There’s no doubt I enjoy a good chat, particularly those honest, meaningful types of conversation.

Reading a good book. As we enter someone else’s perspective we are temporarily removed from our own reality. It can be a real relief to take a short break from life.

Studying online. I’ve done my fair share of study, but I am not suggesting a formal activity. Working on personal growth when we have spare time is a great way to make positive changes. There are many podcasts and videos online for free. Take the time to research online and find something suitable for you.

There are many other activities such as gardening, going for a drive, walking on the beach.

Each of these is a way of practising social distancing while engaging with the world.

How have you been dealing with isolation? I’d love to hear from you.

In love, Jenny

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