There is always hope

My life has been one of profound change. Not only has my weight reduced significantly but I have also had an enormous psychological shift. From morbid obesity to a healthy weight, poor health, and potential early death to the healthiest I have ever been, depression and anxiety to peace and happiness, loneliness to wholeness; each of these changes have occurred from a psychological shift.

As I sit in my chair, enjoying the garden, I count myself lucky to be in this place. Greenery surrounds me, birds are twittering, fish are nibbling at their food, Dreamy is standing by me for a cuddle and I am healthy. What more could I want? It is true that I work in my garden, I love my dog, live a healthy lifestyle and all this beauty has not just materialised out of thin air.  But none of this would have occurred without a psychological shift.

What was the catalyst for this change? Given there are many who never overcome feelings of hopelessness and despair, why has my life changed so much? I have often wondered this myself.

Those who do not know my history say that I am more fortunate. Many have speculated that there must be something about me which is different from others. Others have said that it is because I have the benefit of a close friend who is a medical professional.

Perhaps all of this is true, but the defining part of any change is motivation. Admittedly, some of my motivation has been fuelled by fear of becoming like my mum who died at an early age. But fear alone is a poor motivator. Knowledge alone is not sufficient for change, but motivation enables change.  

So, what motivated me? It was hope in the form of love. I experienced a goodness which guided me out of the misery of my past. You see, there is always hope. No matter where you find yourself today, tomorrow can be the start of a new beginning. Maybe you can only manage a small step forward, but that step may be the start of positive change for you. As I have learned, small steps are the best way forward.

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In love, Jenny

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