We love our daily walk

One of my favourite things to do is to walk with my greyhound, Dreamy. I am fortunate to live in a regional area where there is easy access to open countryside. One of our favourite places is the Blue Lake, a natural volcanic lake.

Mornings are not my best time of day. My best times are in the evening when I do much of my work. However, I find walking in the mornings to be meditative. Surrounded by nature I can engage in my surroundings and while pounding the pavement I work out my frustrations and find the inner freedom to start my day.

Much of the walk is dictated by Dreamy’s obsession with sniffing every tree and post, getting pats, interspersed with his ablutions! We meet lots of people along the way with whom we chat. Dreamy often sidles up for a cuddle. Of course, he loves the attention, and I must admit that I enjoy the attention he gets.

When we have finished walking, I am refreshed and relaxed, and Dreamy spends the remainder of the day sleeping on my bed.

How do you wind down? Do you like walking? I find that walking is not only a great way to exercise but it is also good for me psychologically.

If you want to chat about developing an exercise routine which suits you, contact me.

In love, Jenny

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