Welcome to my upgraded website!

I am excited to announce that my website has been updated!

Over the past few weeks, we have been in the process of upgrading my website, www.jennysthoughts.com. Hence the break from my blogs during this time. The site is set up differently and we have uploaded new professional photographs. Although the site is now live, there are still a few glitches. This has been an exciting and challenging time as I navigate a new platform to upload my posts.

The last professional photographs were taken in the Leg of Mutton, one of my favourite walking spots. This time, I decided to use my garden. It was the perfect setting for a fresh set of professional photographs. It was not only a great background but also a place where I felt most relaxed, and of course, Dreamy was more settled too.

I am grateful to Kristy from Kristy Janeway Photography (kristyjaneway.com.au) for her patience, compassion, and care for both Dreamy and myself. Thank you to Jacqui and Kylie from Bev’s Salon who did my hair and makeup. And to TunedWP (tunedwp.com) for the updated site.

These are exciting times to share the love!

In love, Jenny

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