Wellness for Every Weight

Wellness for Every Weight

Did you know that you can be overweight and healthy? Did you know that you can be slim and unhealthy?

There are slim people who have high levels of unhealthy cholesterol, type 2 diabetes and high blood pressure. And there are people who appear to have a weight problem with none of these issues.

In my journey I have discovered that weight loss does not always mean an improvement in my health. In fact, some of my weight has been very difficult to move, but I have improved my health dramatically just by tweaking my lifestyle.

Our aim in life should be to focus on our health, not on weight loss. Ironically, when I sought to improve my health, I lost weight.

However, every day the media pressures us to be slim at any cost. For some of us, thinness is an impossible dream. Let’s face it, few of us have the ideal figure the media upholds, that of a runway model. I will never be that.

In fact, weight and BMI alone are poor measures of health. Health is complex and should be measured with a variety of tools. A more accurate measure is the distribution of weight on the body.

The attitude we have toward our body is a huge influence on our happiness and can help or hinder our health. Self-acceptance comes when we realise that because of variables such as bone structure and genetics we can never fill the ideal mould. I am here to tell you that this is perfectly okay. You can be healthy and happy no matter how you look or what size clothes you wear.

What is the ideal focus then? It is to be our best self. What does this mean? It means we seek to become the healthiest we can given the body we have and our past experiences. For me, this has meant changes to my lifestyle including physical, emotional, psychological and spiritual.

Notice the emphasis on health and lifestyle rather than weight and appearance.

What do you want from your body? Is it acceptance because of your appearance? Is it to be as healthy as possible? Perhaps it is longevity. For me it is to be as healthy as I can whatever my longevity. I want to experience life in its fullest and this is best done in health.

In love, Jenny

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