Whyalla Wellness Weekend speaking review

Last month I was the keynote speaker at the main dinner for the Whyalla Wellness Weekend. I am grateful for the invitation to speak. Below is his review of my speech. Thank you again Peter!

Jenny is the real deal. 

I am so grateful to have connected with Jenny and that she so generously took the up the offer to be our keynote speaker at the main dinner event as part of the Whyalla Wellness Weekend held in October 2022. 

Jenny spoke from her unique and heartfelt experience and was able to share the lessons from that experience with eloquence, compassion and encouraging directness. 

The audience immediately warmed to Jenny and were moved to tears at times as she shared the challenges she faced, overcame and continues to overcome. 

The table of men that I sat on were intently quiet as Jenny spoke and were in awe of the presence she held while at the lectern. There was an incredible sense of respect for the woman that Jenny chose to become despite many opportunities to throw in the towel and resign herself to a lesser life. 

Jenny received a heartfelt and deserved applause as she sat down after her keynote. 

It is necessary to mention that the audience could have listened to Jenny for as long as Jenny wanted to share as they were captivated at the uniqueness of Jenny‚Äôs story and her strength to rally herself despite the tough hand life had initially dealt her. 

From the Whyalla Wellness community and from me personally; thank you Jenny for being the person that you are and sharing your story with us. Your story has immense transformational potential for all who are blessed enough to hear you speak. 

I wholeheartedly and positively endorse Jenny as a wonderfully and refreshingly down to earth and authentic keynote speaker. 

In health and wellness,

Peter Borda

The Wellness Centre Whyalla


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