A place of peace

Today has been a warm, sunny spring day where I live in Southern Australia. Beautiful weather for a walk with my boy, Dreamy. Although the day was a bit warm for us, we walked the Leg of Mutton Lake which is shaded by trees, protecting us from the sun. I filled his water bottle with iced water which he drank liberally.

A gravel road lined with native Australian and introduced trees zigzags down to a dried lake. Originally the lake was filled with water and formed the shape of a leg of mutton, hence the name. In the early years it was used as a nursery, the water sustained the introduced trees which were planted near its banks.

This is a short but steep walk for someone like me. As I slowly walk down the track, I unwind. It is a quiet place as the area sits much lower than the road between it and the Blue Lake. The noise of vehicles travelling above are muffled and the air is filled with the sound of birds and leaves rustling in the wind. During autumn the track is covered by bright yellow, orange, and red leaves from the introduced trees. In winter it can be muddy and a little slippery. But spring brings with it a freshness and hope that only nature can give.

After a busy few days, the space was restful. Peace saturated my soul and Dreamy revelled in the freedom, different scents, and sounds. As we sat amongst beauty, wisdom for unanswered questions bubbled up from within me and my gut disentangled. Ahh, peace.

Do you have a place where you find peace for your soul?

In love, Jenny

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