Carrot Muffins

Healthy and nutritious food does not have to be tasteless and boring. I enjoy making healthy alternatives to my old favourites.  It is a relief to know that I can eat food which tastes delicious and is good for my health. Christmas food is traditionally rich, but not always healthy. As this time of year […]

Jenny's Florentines

JENNY’S FLORENTINES Christmas is nearly here, and I have been craving something different to eat. A friend and I were having coffee at the beach, and we shared some Florentines. Despite my intolerance to milk products, I thought I would try one. It was nice to enjoy something intensely sweet with a friend. I tasted […]

Berry Sunflower Slice

Food intolerance is not easy for any of us, and it is difficult finding tasty, healthy foods which accommodate our diet. Not everyone is tolerant to nuts. So decided to try an alternative to nuts in some of my recipes. This is the first to be altered for those who react to nuts. Basically, it […]

Vanilla Biscuits

Lately I have been hankering for a chewy biscuit. Mum would make what she called forcer biscuits. She would push a dough through a biscuit forcer. Below is my version which is a low glycaemic index and less sweet alternative for those of us who like chewy, tasty biscuits. Vanilla Is one of my favourite […]

Jenny's Tuna Mornay

Tuna mornay is one of the meals I eat for comfort. Mum always added a teaspoon of curry powder and an onion to her recipe as she loved lots of flavour. I have inherited this gene from her as I also love flavour in my cooking. She used tin tuna in brine and corn was […]

Simple Seed Crackers

Crackers and cheese are one of my favourite snacks when I’m peckish. In my search for a suitable cracker for my diet, I could not find one with enough seeds for my liking. Most store-bought dry biscuits are made with flour with some seeds mixed through, but I wanted a recipe with mostly seeds. After […]

Zucchini Pie

Quiche and Egg and Bacon pie are meals I really miss. These are just two of many old recipes that are now off my list because of egg intolerance.  Once again, I went on an internet search and came up with my own alternative. It’s nice to sit down to a ‘one pot wonder’ and […]

Spicy Muffins

Toasted hot crossed buns were one of my favourite Easter Saturday treats. The smell of the toasted spiced buns wafting through the house would fill my senses. I yearn for the taste of those spices again but Easter buns suitable for my diet are not available locally. So, I created a low GI version with […]

Berry Hazelnut Slice

One of my favourite sweets was a raspberry coconut slice. I loved the flavour of biscuit mixture covered with sweet, raspberry jam and toasted coconut on top. I searched for a healthier alternative with a low GI and ingredients which were on the list of foods in my diet. For this reason, I have used […]

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