Dreamy, the Caring Canine Companion

Each week Dreamy and I visit a couple of aged care facilities where Dreamy is a Caring Canine Companion. Over time he has developed bonds with many of the residents. One of the facilities bakes fresh sausage rolls on the day we visit. Dreamy loves sausage rolls, and the residents usually don’t disappoint him. Most times he will get two each visit; his best has been six sausage rolls.

Dreamy has taken to one of the residents, a 93-year-old gentleman, who adores dogs. They have developed a bond since we started visiting. When we enter the facility, Dreamy makes a beeline to his room where they excitedly greet each other. The elderly gentleman sits at the end of his bed so they can be close. Dreamy lays on the floor directly in front, often on his foot. Over the next half to an hour they will cuddle, hold hand, and paw, and love each other. If Dreamy’s paw is not held, he will wave it around and yelp to let him know that he wants it held again. The resident will spend most of the time patting, or cuddling Dreamy who complains if he stops.

On a recent visit we arrived late, about half an hour before lunch. At the end of the visit Dreamy’s favourite resident said he wanted to take his lead. He used his walker to lead Dreamy from his room to lunch where the other residents were waiting. I walked behind watching as Dreamy gently walked beside him, tail wagging in joy. The other residents applauded as they neared the table.

Although he is large, Dreamy is very gentle and calm, and he loves being cuddled. Hence, he can get very close to the residents for a long time. He does not jump, nor steal food. It means the residents can enjoy his close company without fear of bruising or being knocked off balance.

It is a great joy to do this and heart-warming to witness the bond between residents and my boy. Sharing love is my mission in life. Dreamy happens to be a great conduit for love. Dogs have a way of showing it in a non-threatening way.

In love, Jenny

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