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Happiness is an inside job

Over the past few days I have been thinking about the concept of giving and letting go. We tend to believe that accumulating “things” will bring us happiness. We obtain more and more “things” in the hope of finding that happiness. We think that getting these “things” will satisfy our undiscerned need. But, looking at the world in terms of what will fill our need does not bring happiness.

This was one of the roots of my eating disorder. I thought that if I could satisfy what I lacked inside, I would be happy. And to do this, I used food. Externalising my happiness in this way did not satisfy, it increased my misery as I yearned for more and more food to fill the unsatisfied need.  

Seeking what was outside of myself to find happiness created anxiety for me. Being jealous of others and trying to control them did not bring peace and happiness. What I discovered was that happiness came from how I chose to see my life rather than what I could get, from creating rather than taking. I learned to do what made me feel good. This is the essence of my giving to others. Because for me, this is what life is all about.

Happiness is an inside job. No one or any “thing” can make us happy - it is always our choice. A new car or a new relationship will both lose their shine over time but finding satisfaction and seeing the good in what we have will always bring joy. For me this is being in nature, at the beach, in my garden, spending time with my dog, being authentic with those I love, and being in any place which brings me peace. These simple pleasures make my life good.

I hope you enjoy the simple pleasures of life, too. Message me if you want to chat.

In love, Jenny

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