Healthy vs Slim

Healthy vs Slim

Accepting my body with all its flaws has been a real challenge for me. I am big boned, large chested, hunch backed and knock-kneed. Many times, I have thought my efforts were pointless as I would never look like one of the models worshipped by our culture. I felt burdened by the pressure to be slim.

But being slim is not possible for me and for many others. And being slim does not always mean healthy. An important part of my healing was to change my focus to being my best self. What does that mean? It means I worked with my body as it was. From here, I sought to make it as healthy as possible.

Instead of working towards an unattainable goal, work with what you have. This means accepting yourself. Realistically, our body is the vehicle through which we live life. What matters most is who we are on the inside. This is the person we need to care for, to help live the best life possible. If we are not happy within ourselves, weight loss will not only be harder but also pointless. I discovered I could not lose weight for someone I did not love.

I ask you to change your focus from weight loss to health – in love for yourself. Maintaining a healthy lifestyle is easier this way. My story is that the weight sorted itself out when I gave my body the chance to do its best.

In love, Jenny

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