How does trauma manifest in the body?

Today I listened to a podcast by Dr Aimie Apigian and Dr Gabor Mate called “How Does Trauma Manifest in the Body?” where they discuss the impact of trauma on our health.

Trauma in my life has contributed to chronic illness such as adrenal fatigue, irritable bowel, and intolerances to food. I can also suffer from chronic pain which is inflamed by emotional triggers. A couple of years ago I was suffering from chronic pain and my blood sugar levels and unhealthy cholesterol were increasing.  Five months after leaving a toxic environment I lost weight; my blood sugar levels had returned to the normal range and my cholesterol had lowered. The chronic stress had manifested in my body.

I grew up in a toxic environment and lived in a chronic state of stress. It was normal for me to be in a state of emotional and psychological overwhelm; the atmosphere was too much to deal with, so I withdrew, and had little motivation. Life was a real effort. The recent similar environment sent me back into my old ways. I was feeling overwhelmed and losing motivation for life.

The impact this had on my health shocked me as I had overcome so much to this point. It gave me firsthand experience of the impact that chronic stress can have on health. If I had remained in the same environment in which I grew up, I may not be here today. In the same way, if I allow myself to remain in a toxic and stressful environment for too long, the chronic stress will impact my health negatively.

Are you living, working, or involved in a toxic environment in any way? Do you feel constantly stressed? Do you consistently suffer from physical symptoms such as tummy pain, tension, headaches, irritable bowel, or increased heart rate?

Perhaps you are manifesting symptoms of trauma. If you are, seek help. Talk about it. Please, leave the situation if you can.

For your interest, the podcast can be found here:

In love, Jenny

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