I have made it to 60! 

Since my 30s I have worked to be healthy for as long as possible. I have no control over my genetics, but I do have control over the way they are expressed. I don’t know how long I will live, but I have a fair chance of remaining fit and healthy for some time.

Earlier in the week I realised that I would reach my 60th year without any of the physical challenges my mother suffered. She did not have the motivation or the knowledge to prevent her diabetes. I witnessed her body failing as it took hold of her life. She lost feeling in her feet and developed ulcers. Eventually she suffered a stroke, septicaemia and passed away 5 years later at 62. Watching mum’s physical struggles with her health, and the love and support of a close friend, convinced me to change my lifestyle.

These alterations have changed the expression of my genetics. My health has not taken the same direction as mum’s. To say that I am elated is an understatement. I feel pure joy to have reached this age with my health intact and I am now free to enjoy it. Others may revel in their financial success and to have a luxurious retirement, but my wish has been to be healthy so that my retirement would be without physical limitations. I am glad I made this choice.

My only wish is that I had trusted that these changes would make such a big difference. Looking back, I have worried too much and rested too little. Perhaps I could have experienced greater satisfaction in the journey and enjoyed the positive changes to my body with each step.

In hindsight, my lesson has been to trust in the process because I now know everything will be okay in the end.

In love, Jenny

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