It's Dreamy's Birthday!

Tomorrow is Dreamy’s 9th birthday, and I am organising a party for him. I’m not sure how many more we can celebrate together given his age, so I’ve decided we’ll get together with his other doggy friends and parents.

To some, my love for him may seem over the top, but as I did not have children of my own Dreamy gets a lot from me. When I adopted him, it was natural for me to nurture him. At 55, my pent-up unexpressed maternal instincts were strong. Poor Dreamy has been the recipient of every unexpressed motherly feeling in my body. I’ve had birds and fish, but there is something about a big, furry, warm, soft, and cuddly dog that has made a real difference to my life.

Thankfully, he responds to my love. Not only is he warm and furry, but he also loves to cuddle. Just his afternoon as he was cuddling into my side, I embraced him gently around his neck, and he responded by chattering. Chattering is what greyhounds do when they are happy; they quickly knock their teeth together in delight. Sometimes this is audible, but when Dreamy chatters he does so quietly. To the untrained eye the vibration of his jaw may seem like anxiety, but I know it is happiness.

So far, I have made a batch of peanut butter doggy biscuits for the doggy party tomorrow. Given his enjoyment of sausage rolls when we visit the local aged care facility, I think I will buy a cold batch, pile them up and place a candle on top for his cake. I’m leaving the human attendees to fend for themselves!

What can I say? Perhaps I’m a little bit crazy, but this crazy feels awfully good to me. It brings me joy and it is a great expression of the love I feel.

What is your crazy thing to do? What makes you happy?

In love, Jenny

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