Thank you Hanna

Thank you Hanna

Last week a friend sent me the following message:

Hey Jenny, I have just read your book and wanted to say thank you for sharing your incredible story. It’s absolutely amazing what you have been able to overcome - I never realised before. I’ve learnt so much about obesity. I’m ashamed to admit that I’ve been guilty of thinking that people who are overweight simply have poor self-control. Couldn’t be further from the truth. You paint a very vivid picture of the emotional side of what drove you to obesity, and even more so the journey out of it. Without having experienced the void, that lack of love in childhood (or at any stage of life perhaps) creates it is difficult to imagine how it feels, but it is palpable in your writing…. I’m very lucky to know you and to have learnt your story. – Hanna

This brought me a great deal of joy. Another person has gained some understanding of obesity. The most beautiful part of Hanna’s message was her empathy.

As I wrote my book, I began to realise our ignorance about obesity. My hope is that it will bring understanding to many and instigate a change in the way we think and treat those who suffer with it.

Thank you again Hanna.

In love, Jenny

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