The fragility of life

This week I was confronted by the fragility of life. A close friend lost a family member. Having lost my mother and brother who were both around my age at the time, this brought home to me how fragile we all are, including myself. Despite my family struggles, I love them a great deal and often grieve over them. I have worked hard to improve my own health, but I know that my body will at some point give way to my strong genetic tendencies.

In our society we are taught to hide our feelings and present a strong front to the world. And this is what I tried to do for so long. But eventually I realised I was miserable on the inside and not living my truth. Appearing to have it together was not the antidote for my feelings of worthlessness, depression, and failure. I compared myself to others and felt like a failure. When instead my life would have been happier if I had allowed myself to see through the front we all hide behind and find the freedom to be me.

We often hear that life is short, and we are only here for a little while. Life is a gift, it is not a right, nor is it to be wasted. I have sought to live my life motivated by love. This has not always been easy, but it has been worth it. I don’t know how long I will be earth-side, so while I am here, I want to do good for others. Perhaps in some small way what I have been through could help someone else. So, I set my intention for this purpose: to keep my eyes on love, all that is good and all that is pure. Ultimately, this has given me the peace and assurance that all things come together in the end.

There is always hope, so let’s live our life to the fullest and in a way that benefits others and brings contentment to our soul.

This picture is of my boy who constantly reminds me that love is all that matters.

In love, Jenny

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