The power of love

I often write about my experience of love. It was this love that began a profound change to my life many years ago. The culmination of those changes came with significant weight loss.

But what is this it, and how did it change my life? In my book I share how I experienced a life-changing moment when I felt pure love through a friend who was caring for me. Let me say, I had never experienced its depth before, nor have I experienced its intensity since.

Time stood still, and I realised I was loved very deeply as it permeated my being. This was not a feeling, nor was it in my control. It was foreign to me as I did not know what real love was. To my mind, love meant I owed others for anything they did for me. I felt guilty if kindness was shown to me. And I resisted authentic love when it was offered from others as I did not think I deserved it. My experience was that love must be earned.

Looking back, I now see how persistent my friend was in her support and her belief in a love so pure that it changed lives. Over the years it has deepened, and I now know it in almost every moment. It is not dependent on people, only my openness to it.

No human can express this love in its fullness. We are afraid of the vulnerability required to experience pure love. We place conditions on our own experience of love and our expression of it to others. Naturally, we have a limit as to how much and for how long we can share it with others when we are consistently ignored and rejected.

But the love I experienced that day had no limitations.

It is my hope that if we have crossed paths, you have felt a tiny portion of the love I have been shown. In my humanity, I am only able to show you a fraction of my experience.

Hopefully it is enough for you to begin your own journey.

In love, Jenny

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