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Over the last month Dreamy and I have been settling into a new lifestyle. Working from home certainly has its perks and Dreamy has loved being with me so much. I think he is finally realising that he will no longer be left alone for long periods of time.

It is easier to work the hours which suit me, and I can more readily fit in around others. I can now meet regularly with people to chat and discuss their lifestyle and health issues. Most importantly I have found myself to be less work focussed, more heart centred and able to listen to and be with people in their world.

My website is currently being upgraded to make it more functional. Over the last year the older posts on the site have been lost, which means recipes posted earlier are no longer available. In the future, all my posts will remain online. Navigation will also be easier. Signed copies of my book will be available directly from me, and I will post these to anyone who orders them. Also, I have upgraded my laptop. It now has a separate, larger screen and the microphone and camera have been improved for online coaching calls.

I am in the process of going back over my functional medicine training which has reinforced the importance of being heart centred and refreshed my memory about a holistic approach to medicine and wellbeing. I have been learning new skills in the use of social media.

In amongst all this my work as a freelance accountant for small clients and catching up on professional development for accounting continues. And, of course there is greater freedom to spend more time in the garden and Dreamy and follow up on house maintenance which had been left for some time.

This has been an exciting and challenging time as I juggle earing income with pursuing my love of helping others. If you would like a chat, please contact me.

In love, Jenny

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