Whyalla Wellness Weekend

Last weekend I spoke at a function held in Whyalla, South Australia, focussing on wellness. I connected with warm, friendly, openhearted, and caring people of similar mind to myself. The kindness I experienced truly warmed my heart.

My story was well received and eye-opening for some in the audience. I guess it is rare to meet someone who has turned their life around from morbid obesity to health. I opened my talk with “I have lost between 100 and 150 kg” and then held up the shirt I wore when I was at my heaviest. There were a few gasps from the crowd at the sight of the shirt, as it brought home the reality of the weight I have lost.

It is not easy sharing my journey because I speak about the shame of obesity. However, I am willing to do this in the hope that sharing it will raise awareness of the plight of those like me. If my story helps one person, it is all worthwhile.

The next day I chatted with someone who wanted help in their own journey to health. I was able to explain some of the complexities behind type 2 diabetes and ways to improve diet, movement, and lifestyle. This was the best part of the weekend for me. There is a real joy in helping another person work through problems of a similar nature to mine.

Another highlight was catching up with colleagues I had not seen for over 12 years. It was a wonderful, positive, and heart-warming weekend overall.

If you want to chat about your journey to health, please message me.

In love, Jenny

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