You are more than your health

You are more important than your health. This might seem an odd thing to say, but unless your journey to health is based in self-love and respect there is no purpose to it. When you reach the end point, you must be happy with the whole person not just your body. You are more than your body; you are a living, breathing being with hopes and dreams.

In my weight loss journey, I lost focus, particularly at the end. To my mind I was finally more like others, so I expected myself to be like them and accepted more readily. I was disillusioned when this did not happen. But true happiness was a world away from this; I had to be happy with me, not in my ability to fit the mould. In the beginning my motivation had been to eliminate the ugly stares coming my way, and to increase longevity. But there was a far more important aspect to this life changing experience.

Weight loss and good health should free us to be our best self. Without the confines of ill health and problems associated with obesity I have been able to focus my energy elsewhere. Now I have more freedom to care for others, experience greater joy in walking and have a new lease in life with improved mobility. In short, I have greater freedom to be me.

Western health focusses most on our body, but we are more than this. We lose perspective when we focus only on the numbers on a scale and medical results. Although these are important, greater significance should be placed on how we feel about ourselves. Sadly, many weight-loss journeys end with defeat because there is no purpose without self-respect. Emotional well-being is a large part of our physical health. Not only is good mental health important for a satisfying life, it also helps with motivation and stress. This in turn reduces inflammation and improves physical health.

In your journey to better health, don’t forget that you are a living, breathing being with hopes and dreams which go beyond the numbers on a scale. Ask yourself what your true motivation is. Is it to gain the acceptance of others, or to improve your quality of life?

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In love, Jenny  

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